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Chen (Sean) Huang

Welcome to my website! Chen Huang here from Shanghai, China and living in Boston.

​I am now pursuing my M.S degree in engineering and management with a human-centered design focus at MIT. Before that, I did graphic and visual design for a living for six years and worked for more than two years in Deloitte as a tax & business consultant. ​

Speaking four languages, knowing business consulting, diving deep in various arts and design genres, doing translation and interpretations, learning western and eastern metaphysics as a hobby…Wearing bunches of hats is risky, but I enjoyed building up my knowledge base with WIDTH by self-teaching and pushing myself out of the status quo.

Self-taught in design and with hard skills proven by real markets, I am looking forward to my master’s study enriching my knowledge base with DEPTH in integrated design to combine the tried-and-true experience of my previous endeavors.

The opportunities in user experience design, product strategy and design, and design consulting would be my major pursuits after graduation. And again, I am having a new hat - several entrepreneurial projects featuring arts and design engagement to integrate design, technology, and business success.

Let me know if you are a fish person and love foods!

Please feel free to reach out for any inquiries by:


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