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Hi, I'm Chen Huang.

I am a visual-turned UIUX designer hoping to make greater design impacts with business insights and engineering competency I've equipped during my Master's study.

Given my current studying on data analysis, and electronic engineering, the opportunities in UIUX design, product strategy & management, and design consulting would be my pursuits after graduation.

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UIUX Design

User Interview, Analysis, Journey Map, Storyboard, Scenarios, Sitemap, Info Architecture, Prototyping

Hand Sketch, Figma, Fusion 360, Invision, HTML & CSS

Media & Arts

Graphic Design, Game Character Design, Medical Illustrations, Comic Drawing, Digital Arts 

Hand Sketch, Adobe Suites, Procreate, Blender, Processing, P5.Js

Engineering & Strategy

Data Analysis, Business Model, System Design, Tech Roadmapping, A/B Testing

Data Studio, Tableau, Big Query, MySQL, Python


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