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A turn-based simulation game to evolve MBA students' life at MIT by learning decision making 


Ongoing Project for MIT Sloan School of Management

Nov. 2022 - Present


Sean Huang

(Producer & Design)

James Sun (Engineer)

Riley Shu (PM)

Yvette Kong (Analyst)


Primary Market Research

UX Research & Design

Game Design

Skills & Tools

Adobe Creative Suites

AI | Midjourney


Trailer | 70 sec
Demo Video | 4.5 min
Interactive Prototype
Key Features
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Customizable Storylines

Inclusive Avatars

Co-design & Outsourcing gaming elements

We got an award from Sloan and convinced the admission office to kick off the very first baby step of developing a playable MVBP!
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This project ended up with way more trials and takeaways aside from human-centered design (e.g., game-level design, content strategy, UX writing, pitch, etc.).
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Pursuing MBA is expensive, and two years seem a bit short for all excitement of MBA life. From admission to graduation, something more crucial than academic learning to students is the cultural legacies and inspirations about life from one another of the business school community. However, such content that could have been marketable and impactful is often vocal-based and hardly collected and documented for further use.


Two years passed so fast. Things seem not going as I planned and I'm not quite sure whether I could get what I wanted after graduation.”



I wish I could have known this earlier…”



You learn from talking to people about different ways of living.”

User Journey
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Key Insights
For students, they expect every single buck and minute they spend on MBA to count, by accessing more resources that nail their pursuit, eye-opening inspiration and better connection with cohort.


  • Academics

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Cross-departmental events

  • Student-led  events

  • ...


  • Personal growth

  • Professional experiences

  • ...


  • general social connection

  • For special purposes 

  • ...

How might we help uplevel MBA candidates’ two-year experience with resources, inspiration,s and connections?

Ideation - D.F.V.
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Ideation - Positioning
Information Architecture
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